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Equipment rental

Rules for rental of equipment

Have you paid the annual rental fee (400 NOK)? Have you taken the beginners course in whitewater or sea kayaking?

Then you are allowed to use our equipment on Nidelva (for those who have taken the witewater course) or on the fjord (for those who have taken the sea course) and all trips that are officially organised by the NTNUI Padling Group.
Should an accident happen you are not liable to replace the damage/loss of equipment, as long as you report the accident to the current Elvesjef/Havsjef as soon as possible!

If you want to rent equipment for private trips apart from Nidelva or the fjord you need approval of the current Elvesjef/Havsjef”.For private trips on Nidelva or the fjord you don’t need approval, only sign the contract for loan (the book in the box attached to the door at Skansen). NTNUI's equipment should not be used at a greater difficulty level than grade 4 (for whitewater kayaking). Should something happen to the equipment you are liable to replace the damage/loss. The value is determined by 80% of our cost price.
If you grab any equipment without notifying the current Elvesjef/Havsjef you will be responsible for 100% of the gear prize, and you will lose the right to borrow equipment in the future.

ATTENTION: If you lose/damage equipment because of wantonly negligent treatment of it, you are liable anyway.

Contact information for the Elvesjef and Havsjef is located here!

The rental fee

The equipment rental fee is 400NOK (for one year) or 300NOK(for one semester), you only have to pay the rental fee if you have not taken a course with NTNUI-Padling during the spring/autumn of the current or last year as the fee is included in the course price!

The fee can be paid to:
NTNUI Padlegruppa
Stud. post 222
7034 Trondheim

Account number: 8601.43.52777

From an international account:
IBAN: NO35 8601 4352 777

You can also pay using mCash, seach for "NTNUI Padling" and follow the app instructions.

Use the field for payment information to specify what you are paying for and your email address.
For example: "Equipment rental 2015/2016,".

IMPORTANT: Remember to add your e-mail address to the payment information, or we will not be able to send you the code for skansen!

In additional: You have to send in documentation on your NTNUI-membership. Send picture of your NTNU-card with a valid NTNUI-sticker on, picture of wetcard(both sides) and date of birth to the "websjef" which you can find at the page "Styret" when you press "Menu". Mail;