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How to join us!

Make a user on the webpage by registering here!

And that's it! You can now consider yourself a member! You should also join our facebook group as most of the information about social events will be posted there. It is also a nice place to ask questions about kayaking if you have any, as well as joining other people for trips not arranged by the club!

Link to our facebook group here!

In order to sign up for events, simply login and sign up under the event tab in the menu (Link).

In order to use the group's equipment, you need to have a wetcard (from a norwegian course) or documentation from a international course that confirms that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for safe kayaking! As long as you have knowledge of the safety routines we are happy to have you on our trips!

You also need to pay the annual rental fee to use the equipment if you have not taken a course with NTNUI-Padling the past year (as the fee is included in the course price), info about the rental fee can be found here!

Feel free to ask the members of the board if you have any questions, their contact information can be found here!

Welcome to the paddli'n crew!