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Kayak roll practice at Pirbadet

Every Wednesday, during the winter, we have pool-sessions in 'Pirbadet'. Here you can perfect your roll in calm and warm conditions before the upcoming season. This is free, but there's only 12 spaces. The first time you participate you have to meet at 08:30 pm and get a ticket from the cashier. This ticket is valid for one semester. You may only attend if you are a NTNUI-member, and have paid the fee for equipment rental or have participated in sea or river beginner's course the current school year. Also, you need to register here.

Time: 08:40 pm (8:30 if it's your first time this semester)
Place: Pirbadet, Havnegata 12, 7010 Trondheim
Bring: Swimsuit of your choice and NOK 10,- as deposit for your wardrobe locker. A phone with pirbadet's app.