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Kayak polo

Do you have a certification for sea- or whitewater kayaking and also got a penchant for ball games? Or maybe you want to push your paddle skills? -Try kayak polo!

What is kayak polo?
Kayak polo is a ball game which involves action and speed. Two teams play against each other and the endline is to score the most goals. - imagine a handball-kayak mix. If you are eager to learn more, take a look at the simplified rules or the competition rules and visit international canoe federation 's website.

Where do we play?
In the summer-season we play at Kyvannet in Bymarka. In the winter-season we play inside, at Pirbadet. We play at both places in partnership with Trondheim Kayak Club (TKK).

Check out our facebookpage Kajakkpolo i Trondheim , or contact Polosjef.

NB! Like the other activities directed by NTNUI padling, this also requires sertification and payed rental.