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New lock and payment info

Some instructions on how to operate the new lock:
To open:
1. Put your palm on the display to activate the lock
2. Enter the code followed by a “*”
The door is pushing outwards. To avoid unnecessary stress and wear on the lock, push the door inwards before you rotate the knob counterclockwise.

To close:
Simply close the door shut and give it a gentle tug to confirm that its properly locked.
Don’t leave the door unlock and if you encounter problems with the door or gear, please inform the board.

Payment info:
To streamline the process we’ve made this form to fill out, hopefully it is as userfriendly as we intended:
(If you don’t have a google user it may not work. In that case, send a screenshot of the bank transfer, a picture of your wet card and valid NTNUI sticker, name and number to